Cram Mode FAQ

Looking for more information about the benefits of Cram Mode? Check here for our frequently asked questions! If you don't see the answer to your question, reach out to us at

What is Cram Mode?

Cram Mode is your one stop study shop! You have access to study guides, unlimited practice questions, and special Cram events to help you master the material.

What does a Cram Mode subscription unlock for me that I can’t access on Fiveable for free?

Up to three study guides, as well as one set of practice questions per day, are always available to you free of charge each day. In Cram Mode, you get unlimited access to all of our practice questions, as well as invites to all of our Cram events throughout the school year. If you want to study better, we suggest the Cram Mode subscription!

How long does my Cram Mode subscription last?

Your Cram Mode subscription is active until you no longer need it! There are two options for how to sign up: a yearly subscription (renewed each year on the same date of purchase) or a monthly subscription (renewed each month on the same date of purchase).

How will I know if my Cram Mode is activated?

When you sign up for Cram Mode, you will receive a confirmation email from Fiveable. You can also see whether or not your Cram Mode is active in your Dashboard.

Do I need multiple subscriptions if I am taking multiple subjects?

No! One subscription covers you for every subject throughout the entire school year.

I’m a parent purchasing the subscription on behalf of my child. How do I transfer the subscription to my child?

We recommend that you use your student’s email address that they use for to sign up for Cram Mode so that the subscription is already linked to their account. If you use your email address to purchase, simply reply to the confirmation email with your student’s email address, and we can transfer to the account to your student.

How do I sign up for Cram events?

Once you have your Cram Mode subscription, click the “events” tab on the header of our site. There, you can easily sign up for the upcoming events. You can also sign up for events through your Dashboard.

Are the practice questions AP-style?

Our practice questions were designed to help you learn the vocabulary needed. To do this, we have curated lists of the most important terms and we use trivia-style questions so you can answer a lot in a short amount of time. While these are not AP-style, they will make you better at the more complex questions you’ll see on the exam.

Is financial aid available?

We understand that not everyone can afford to purchase Cram Mode. If you think you need financial assistance in order to participate, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If needed, you can cancel your subscription in My Stuff under Settings—>Cram Mode—> Manage Subscription. Your subscription must be canceled before your renewal date. You will not receive any refund if you cancel your subscription early.

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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