How do I access my Cram Mode benefits?

When you purchase Cram Mode, you get unlimited access to our practice questions, as well as free access to every single cram event. You will always need to be logged into Fiveable in order to access your Cram Mode benefits.

Ways to register for Crams

There are three different ways to register for cram events. Each path sends you to our Cram Events page, where you can sign up for any of our upcoming crams. You can access that link through:

  • Your confirmation email that you receive when you first purchase Cram Mode
  • In your Fiveable Cram Mode HQ (accessed by clicking your profile pic) under Cram Finales
  • By hovering over Pep, our cram mascot, who will show you all of your Cram Mode benefits

Unlimited practice questions

You must be logged in to Fiveable in order to access your unlimited practice questions. Once you're logged in, you're all set! You should be able to practice with as many questions as you want from any subject or unit. Enjoy!

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