Recent changes to what’s free vs what’s paid

New features just dropped

The Fiveable Universe is getting some big updates.

We’ve learned so much about the best ways for students to study and have quietly released a bunch of new things in the last few weeks —

  • Interactive key terms in study guides to get definitions, analogies, and related terms
  • Practice questions by difficulty — easy, medium, hard, and extremely hard. +60k new questions added for AP World, APUSH, AP Human Geo, AP Psych, AP US Gov, and AP Euro with more subjects coming soon.
  • 2-question “Pep Quizzes” to check your understanding after reading a study guide
  • Easily jump to different subjects, units, or topics from the new side bar
  • && a lot more coming soon!

What’s free vs what's paid

We’re also experimenting with changes in what is free vs what is paid.

It’s incredibly important to us that these are accessible for all and we’re working to become a sustainable business so that we can continue to:

  • Create more high quality resources — Study guides, practice questions, and interactive key terms for all high school classes and even into college courses
  • Support our team — Behind every resource and feature is an incredible, dedicated teammate that we make sure is compensated fairly. This includes full-time staff as well as student creators, editors, and hosts.
  • Help millions of more students — We want to be here years, even decades down the road to continue empowering students.

You will have access to limited amounts of every resource each day, but unlimited study guides and practice questions are only available with the Cram Mode subscription — $40/year or $10/month, which includes every single subject.

If you or your family can cover the cost of the subscription, we really appreciate your support. Every dollar is reinvested into supports for students. We also have financial aid supports available here.

Please reach out at if you have any questions or thoughts.

We deeply value your support! And we’re really excited about all the new features we’re adding. There’s more on the way.

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