How To: Fiveable Study Room

Fiveable study sessions have many features which may be overwhelming at first, but in a matter of time become easy to use!

  1. Head over to the dashboard and create an account if you have not already done so. Or login to your account. 💻
  2. Click the blue “start a session” button located in the top right hand corner. Then, title your room and press “start” to begin. ✍️
  3. When first creating your room a pop-up will appear on how to share the invite link unique to your session. 🔗
  4. It’s now time to get studying! Play around with the different features available in a study room: music, tasks, timer, focus mode, chat, take a break, solo mode, dark mode, and much more! ✅

Press the "take a tour" option to follow a step-by-step tour on how each feature of the room works. 🗺️

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