🎑 2023 AP Physics 1 Study Plan

Welcome to this plethora of resources that cover everything! This toolkit is constantly being updated with more resources! AP Physics 1 is an algebra-based, college-level course where you will develop an understanding of important physics concepts like kinematics, systems, interactions, change, and conservation through inquiry-driven study and lab experiences.

The AP Physics 1 Exam

A breakdown of the exam content by percentage.

Unit Exam Weighting (MCQ)
Unit 1: Kinematics 12%–18%
Unit 2: Dynamics 16%–20%
Unit 3: Circular Motion and Gravitation 6%–8%
Unit 4: Energy 20%–28%
Unit 5: Momentum 12%–18%
Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion 4%–6%
Unit 7: Torque and Rotational Motion 12%–18%

Science Practices

By taking AP Physics 1, you’ll gain a variety of skills that will help you think and practice like a physicist.

Skill Description Exam Weighting (MCQ) Exam Weighting (FRQ)
1. Modeling Use representations and models to communicate scientific phenomena and solve scientific problems 28%–32% 22%–36%
2. Mathematical Routines Use mathematics appropriately 16%–20% 17%–29%
3. Scientific Questioning Engage in scientific questioning to extend thinking or to guide investigations within the context of the AP course N/A N/A
4. Experimental Methods Plan and implement data-collection strategies in relation to a particular scientific question 2%–4% 8%–16%
5. Data Analysis Perform data analysis and evaluation of evidence 10%–12% 6%–14%
6. Argumentation Work with scientific explanations and theories 24–28% 17–29%
7. Making Connections Connect and relate knowledge across various scales, concepts, and representations in and across domains 10–16% 2–9%

Study Guides for Every Unit

πŸ‘Ÿ Unit 1 - Kinematics

πŸŒ€ Unit 2 - Dynamics

πŸš€ Unit 3 - Circular Motion

⚑ Unit 4 - Energy

⛳️ Unit 5 - Momentum

🎸 Unit 6 - Simple Harmonic Motion

🎑 Unit 7 - Torque and Rotational Motion

AP Physics 1 Exam Essentials

  • ✨ Test Overview: Want to know about the exam, including the structure and requirements? We got you!
  • ✍🏽 Paragraph Length Response: A complete breakdown of the writing and thinking process for this type of question. Examples and practice prompts are included.
  • ✍🏽 Quantitive/Qualitative Translation: A complete breakdown of the writing and thinking process for this type of question. Examples and practice prompts are included.
  • πŸ“Ή Previous FRQ Review: A replay of a livestream that goes over an FRQ on a previous exam.


We have over 250 replays, slide decks, and study guides for AP Physics 1! Go on and get that 5!

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