⚙️ 2023 AP Physics C: Mechanics Study Plan

Welcome to this plethora of resources that cover everything! This toolkit is constantly being updated with more resources! AP Physics C: Mechanics is a calculus-based, college-level course where you will continue to develop an understanding of important physics concepts like change, force interactions, fields, and conservation through inquiry-driven study and lab experiences.

🚨 All you need to know about the 2023 AP Physics C: Mechanics Exam!

The AP Physics C: Mechanics Exam

A breakdown of the exam content by percentage.

Unit Exam Weighting (MCQ)
Unit 1: Kinematics 14%–20%
Unit 2: Newton’s Laws of Motion 17%–23%
Unit 3: Work, Energy, and Power 14%–17%
Unit 4: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum 14%–17%
Unit 5: Rotation 14%–20%
Unit 6: Oscillations 6%–14%
Unit 7: Gravitation 6%–14%

Science Practices

By taking AP Physics C: Mechanics, you’ll gain a variety of skills that will help you think and practice like a physicist.

Skill Description Exam Weighting (MCQ) Exam Weighting (FRQ)
1. Visual Representations Analyze and/or use representations of physical situations, excluding graphs. 14–17% 4–7%
2. Question and Method Determine scientific questions and methods. 3–6% 6–11%
3. Representing Data and Phenomena Create visual representations or models of physical situations. Not assessed in the multiple-choice section 13–20%
4. Data Analysis Analyze quantitative data represented in graphs. 14–17% 8–13%
5. Theoretical Relationships Determine the effects on a quantity when another quantity or the physical situation changes. 25–34% 20–24%
6. Mathematical Routines Solve problems of physical situations using mathematical relationships. 14–20% 20–24%
7. Argumentation Develop an explanation or scientific argument. 14–20% 11–18%

Study Guides for Every Unit

🚗 Unit 1 - Kinematics

🚀 Unit 2 - Newton's Laws of Motion

🎢 Unit 3 - Work, Energy, and Power

🎳 Unit 4 - Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum

🚲 Unit 5 - Rotation

🌊 Unit 6 - Oscillations

🪐 Unit 7 - Gravitation


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