Writing the SAQ is more straightforward than you think. 

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Here are some quick tips:

The Basics

  1. You must write 3 SAQs in 40 minutes.
  2. Question 1 and 2 are required. You can choose between question 3 & 4, which will be about different time periods. 
  3. SAQs may or may not include stimuli, similar to the multiple-choice. If there is a source attached,responses should refer specifically to the document in their response.
  4. Each SAQ is worth 3 points, for a total of 9 points in this section.
  5. Points are only awarded, not taken away, so there is no penalty for guessing. There is no rubric. You either correctly answer the question and earn a point or answered incorrectly and do not earn the point. This is called binary scoring. It's 1 point or 0 points.
  6. SAQ answers are constricted to one box on one page, so they must be concise. These are not meant to be essays!

How to organize your response:
Each short answer question will have parts A, B, and C. Each part is worth 1 point. Here's how to set up your response to earn the point:

You would answer part A in 3 sentences (or less if you combine these sentences). This method is called ACE.

Sentence #1 = ANSWER: Restate the question and provide an answer. Ex: One way ___ and ___ were similar is that ____.

Sentence #2 = CITE AN EXAMPLE: Give a piece of evidence to prove your answer. Ex: For example, ______. 

Sentence #3 = EXPLAIN: Explain your evidence / sum up your answer. Ex: Because ____, _____.

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