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Here are some quick tips:

The Basics

  • There are 55 questions to answer in 55 minutes.
  • Every question is weighted equally and there is no penalty for guessing. You get a point for every question you answer correctly and you don’t get a point if you are wrong. Points are never lost.
  • Multiple choice questions will appear in sets of 2-5 with a stimulus attached. The stimulus can be a text, image, map, chart, or any other primary or secondary source document that the set of questions will refer to.

How to attack a set of multiple choice questions:

  1. Read the source of the stimulus (author, place, year, and any other background they give you). Think about that time and place. What was happening? For example, if it says 1916 in Europe, you should know that WWI was happening.
  2. Read the first question and decide if you need the document to answer the question. If it asks about tone or something specific to the document, you need it. If it's general knowledge, you don't.
  3. Read the document looking directly for the answer. 
  4. Answer the question.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4.


  • Make sure you are answering on the scantron as you go. Do not answer in the booklet first and copy later. You will run out of time.
  • Make sure your answers are lined up on the scantron correctly. There's nothing worse than skipping a question by accident and then all of your answers are wrong. 
  • If there is 1 minute left and you still have unanswered questions, choose a letter and bubble in the rest that letter. Don't go random, choose one letter. Odds are there is one question with the answer B and if answer them all B, you'll get that point. ONLY do this when you are truly out of time. 
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