First, make sure you stick to the content you actually need. Textbooks and Wikipedia are great, but they have wayyyyy more info than you actually need to know to pass.

All of the replays inside of Fiveable+ are directly aligned to this content, so everything we went over this year are exactly the things you should know.

Follow the Ultimate Guides to stay focused:

Second, check out the how to review videos posted under skills inside of Fiveable. You can watch these for free and I went over ways to review using notecards, timelines, and review games! 

Tips for studying:

  • Know the models! Here's the top 30 models to know. These appear alllll over the exam. Memorize them & be able to explain & connect.
  • Create a mind map! I explain this in depth here, but basically write the name of a unit or huge topic in the middle of a piece of paper. Circle it. Then connect relevant terms and concepts to it. Make it pretty! 
  • Use notecards or quizlet! A lot of these exams are just about knowing terms. Get your memorization hat on and flip through decks of terms.
  • Quiz yourself & quiz your friends! Studying is better together. 
  • Focus on the BIIIGGG trends! Memorizing every last detail is not as useful as focusing on the big ideas. What were the big political, economic, and cultural patterns?

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