As a result of teacher feedback, the College Board® has redesigned several parts of the AP English Language exam to better represent reading and composition. There have been changes to both the multiple-choice section and the free-response essays. 

Even though the AP Lang exam underwent some construction, you don’t have to run into roadblocks this year 🚧 :

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Here are all the exam revisions to know:

Multiple-Choice 💡

What has not changed?

  • You will still have 1 hour to take the multiple-choice. 
  • Multiple-choice remains 45% of exam score.

What has changed?

The College Board® decided to shorten the number of questions while adding a passage. In addition, they added revision/editing questions that resemble the SAT® Writing section.

  • 45 Questions instead of 52-55 Questions
  • 5 shorter passages rather than 4 sets
  • 23-25 rhetorical analysis questions
  • 20-22 composition questions, in which the student considers revisions to texts

Free-Response 📝

What has not changed?

  • There are still 3 free-response questions (synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and argument).
  • You will still have 2 hours and 15 minutes with a 15 minute reading period to write the three essays.
  • Free-response remains 55% of the exam score.

What has changed?

  • Rubrics have changed from a 9-point scale to a 6-point scale with analytic rather than holistic scoring.
  • For more specific information on the rubrics, see this article.

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