AP English Language is very easy to prepare for as long as you use the proper tools. Rather than buying expensive prep books, there are many free alternatives accessible online to help you earn a 5 on the AP exam! 💯 

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Besides Fiveable's AP Lang live essay grading and multiple-choice streams, there are multiple other websites with helpful resources. 💻 

The College Board is a great example! Specifically, they offer the newly released AP English Language Course & Exam Description (CED). The CED explains the exam format in addition to providing sample multiple-choice questions you should try out. 

Moreover, the College Board includes an archive of free-response questions dating back to 1999. These offer you valuable practice opportunities for the AP test. 📚 

Other unofficial resources include CrackAP. Here you can find sample multiple-choice tests and full AP practice exams. The r/APStudents subreddit and Discord can also assist you with any questions you have about AP Lang. 

Fiveable also offers a Discord where students can ask questions and receive answers on a variety of AP subjects. Check it out if you need help!

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