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Like many other AP exams, the AP Macro test is divided into 2 sections: multiple choice & free response.

The Multiple Choice Section:
(66% of exam score)

You will have 1 hour & 10 minutes to answer 60 questions. The questions will test you on all units, so it's important to brush up on anything you struggle with.

~Tips on how to tackle the MC section~

  • answer all the questions- you're not penalized for wrong answers
  • process of elimination will save your life
  • write all over your booklet- you paid for it, & it'll help you stay organized with your thoughts
  • tackle the easy questions first then go back and do the tough ones
  • circle your answer choice on the booklet then bubble them in on the answer sheet after you've completed a page- this will avoid silly marking mistakes

Here is the overall material tested:*

* From College Board:


The Free Response Questions:
(33% of exam score)

Oh you know, just me casually remembering what I sat through on May 15 of 2019.

You'll have an 1 hour to complete 3 questions: one long question & two short ones. On this section you will have to draw graphs, preform minimal calculations, & examine situations to explain outcomes.

~Tips on how to tackle the FRQs~

  • know all the different graphs and how they relate to each other- it's all just cause & effect. Here are all the graphs my interweb friends:

– Production Possibilities Curve

– Supply and Demand

– Loanable Funds Market

– Money Market

– Foreign Exchange Market

– Aggregate Supply and Demand

– Phillips Curve

  • show your work- staring in 2020, you will be required to show your work on the FRQs
  • 2 different colored pens(black & blue) will make your work more organized & understandable
  • LABEL EVERYTHING- I cannot stress this enough. Label every curve, graph, axis, & shift. Make me proud child.


  • when a questions says explain, use nice, concise sentences. Don't just include a graph or a one word answer. Lots of students lose points here.


What to Bring on Your Test Date:

  • photo ID
  • preferably 2 No. 2 pencils
  • sharpener
  • eraser
  • black or blue inked pens- no pencil allowed on the FRQ portion
  • tissues(for tears of joy of course)

Calculators are NOT allowed.

It's a good idea to bring water & a snack, but these are not allowed in the testing room. Save them for the break period.

Alright then, go on and make me proud. Score a 5!

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