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Hello everyone! As you know, AP Macroeconomics deals with scenarios which look at the economy as the whole. Therefore, there are a number of different online resources that cover both local, national, and global macroeconomic issues facing the world today! Some of these resources include:

The Economist: 

  • The economist decribes global macroeconomic issues through a series of opinionated articles. You must have a paid subscription to The Economist to access articles

The Guardian:

  • The Guardian focuses on the economics of governments in Europe and America, with a focus on Great Britain and the United States


  • The BBC focuses on global economic issues with a focus on business applications

The Globe and Mail:

  • The Globe and Mail focuses primarily on economic issues affecting Canada, with some articles focusing on global economic issues


  • Forbes' main focus is on macroeconomic issues that affect the United States. However, some articles stray from this focus, making Forbes not as good of a news source for those trying to find articles to apply their knowledge towards.


  • CNBC focuses on business news as it relates to the U.S economy. It placed an emphasis on how the policitics and policies of the U.S have affected the health of the U.S economy


  • CNN focues on macroeconomic issues that affect the United States with a focus on individual companies.


  • The WSJ is similar to CNN in that it focuses on how American politics has affected the U.S economy. However the Wall Street Journal focuses on global economies as well as the U.S economy, giving is it a global slant.

China Daily:

  • China Daily focuses on both Macro and Microeconomic issues that affect China

The Economic Times:

  • The Economics Times focuses on Macroeconomic issues that affect India

I hope you find articles on these websites helpful in applying your AP Macroeconomics knowledge! 

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