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When to study?🧐

  • When studying for the Macro exam, you definitely shouldn't cram nor start way too early
  • it's very beneficial to review what you learned in a week for at least 30 minutes the entire school year(tune into live review streams!)
  • a good time to start studying for the exam is 6 weeks before the test date (this studying should be more in depth)

How to Study?🧐

Use good review books: ⬇️

5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics

The Princeton Review

Crash Course

  • Take practice tests to focus on areas you have trouble in
  • Don't waste time relearning (you can find practice tests in review books & College Board)
  • Work on practice FRQ questions-- you can find them on the College Board website along with answers
  • Draw the graphs constantly -- here's a list of them
  • Tune into Fiveable live review streams
  • Memorize the formulas -- here's a list of them
  • YouTube has awesome videos on economic concepts -- check out Jacob Clifford

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