There are 3⃣ main types of point of view.

Here, I will provide details regarding each.

💮 First person point of view - The story is told from a character within the narrative.

       ✨ Keywords: I, me, our, we, my

⚫️ Effect: First person P.O.V. is effective in creating a speaker's persona. By revealing     their inner thoughts and feelings, complex characterization is achieved. 

💮💮 Second person point of view - The reader is put in the story.

        ✨Keywords: You, your, yours

⚫️ Effect: Second person P.O.V. is used when the author is trying to call attention to    something. By directly addressing the reader and putting them in the story, they  convey meaning unambiguously.

💮💮💮 Third person point of view - The story is told from the perspective of an outsider.

         ✨Keywords: They, them, it, he, she

⚫️ Effect: Third person P.O.V. is common, though with variance between its three different forms. Stories written from this perspective can come off as distant, but they allow for a complex plot line as more information is available to the reader. 

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