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POE (Process of Elimination):

-narrow down the answer choices so that you can make an educated guess
-sometimes finding the wrong answers will help you identify the right one
-if you can narrow it down to 3 options, you have already gone from a 20% to a 33% chance of getting the question correct

Choose a letter of the day and stick with it:

-it's an AP exam? You're probably not going to know all of the answers
-you do not get penalized for wrong answers, so try not to leave any blank
-if you do have to guess on an answer, be consistent
-do not randomly guess a different letter on every problem you don't know
-fill in every bubble you do not know with the same letter to increase your chances of getting the question correct


-it is very critical that you have a watch with you when taking the exam
-some testing locations may not have a clock for you to use
-pacing is one of the biggest problems AP students face
-a watch will allow you to pace yourself efficiently
-you have approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds for each question
-if you cannot solve a problem in this amount of time, MOVE ON

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