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What is Representative Government? ❓

Representative government is based on the system of elected officials that represent a group of people.  

There are 3 different types of representative government:

Participatory democracy 🗣

  • High involvement in politics and society.  
  • Citizens have the power to decide directly on policy. 
  • Politicians are then responsible for implementing the ideas of the people. 
  • An example would be a town hall meeting. 

Pluralist democracy 👥

  • Multiple powers influencing policy (think plural = more than one). 
  • Groups compete for power. 
  • Strive to have impact on policy making. 
  • An example is how interest groups compete for influence in today's politics. 

Elite Democracy

  • Limited involvement in politics and society.  
  • Usually the wealthy and well-educated influence policy. 
  • Usually doesn't express the needs/wants of the majority population. 
  • An example would be the electoral college. 


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