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The Exam 

  • If you’re taking AP Human Geography (AP HuG) or planning to take the class, it’s important to find out what the exam will consist of. 
  • But, as we transition into the 2019-20 school year, College Board has been making plenty of changes to various AP curriculum and exams, including the AP HuG exam. 
  • So, you now may be panicking about what the new exam will be like, just like Micheal from “The Office.” 
  • But, I would also want y'all to remember our beloved Micheal's trustworthy advice in such trying situations like these: "EVERYBODY STAY CALM!" 
  • This article will help you understand what the exam will actually be like. It actually might be easier than you think.😉

Section I: The Multiple Choice (MC) ✏ - 50% of the Score

  • When you enter the testing center at 12 PM and begin the exam, you will first confront the multiple-choice (MC) section. 
  • The MC section will last for 60 minutes (1 hour) and consist of 60 questions to answer. 
  • The questions have also been revised to emphasize more on analytical skills and applying them to understanding qualitative and quantitative sources.
  • A qualitative source would be something like images of architecture/art pieces. 
  • A quantitative source would be like a graph of a population demographics or a number-related model like a population pyramid.
  • Additionally, there will be 5 - 8 question groups containing 2-3 questions each. 
  • Each group will be focused on one qualitative/quantitative source, with the exception of 1 set that will have 2 sources.
  • For example, you could be given a population pyramid and a few questions about interpreting/applying the model’s data. 
  • And, that will be your MC section! 

Section II: Free-Response Questions (FRQ)📝- 50% of the Score

  • After completing Section I, you will then be allowed to take a 5-10 minute break. 
  • Once the break is over, you will be seated back in the room and will be given the second and final portion of the AP HuG exam. (See it won’t be that bad!) 
  • Now, Section II consists of the Free-Response Questions (FRQs). 
  • For this section, you will be given 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) to completely answer 3 questions, each of will be worth 7 points.
  • But what is different this year is that the task and stimulus types of question will remain consist each year. 
  • Instead, each of the 3 questions will ask the students something in a certain format. 
  • QUESTION #1 (NO STIMULUS) - Describe/explain/apply a geographic situation/scenario 
  • QUESTION #2 (1 QUANTITATIVE/QUALITATIVE SOURCE) - Describe/explain/apply data using the given data/image/map.
  • QUESTION #3 (2 SOURCES, EITHER QUANTITATIVE/QUALITATIVE SOURCES) - Describe/explain/apply data using the given data/image/map. 

And then🥁’re done!🎉

  • Now, hopefully, you’ll see that the exam will have a more predictable structure to it. 
  • Now, you’ll have an idea of what to expect, especially for the FRQs when in back in the ‘old’ days, you had no idea what exactly you would be hit with. 
  • So now what you need to do is learn, review and practice with any new practice material you can get your hands on! 

Also, here's a quick review😉

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