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There are many terms that you should be familiar with in regards to variables. Many of the different types of variables are briefly discussed below! 

1. Discrete Variables  🔢

  • Data points with a fixed number of outcomes. 
  • Example: there are only so many shoe sizes that are manufactured in the world. 

2. Continuous Variables  ∞

  • Continue forever and have unlimited outcomes. 
  • Example: The length of a snake or the height of a tree are both examples of continuous variables because there is practically an infinite number of outcomes that could be reached. 

3. Explanatory Variables  📈

  • Goes on the x-axis. 
  • Is a synonym for independent variable. 
  • This is the variable you change in an experiment to get altered results. 

4. Response Variables  📉

  • Goes on the y-axis. 
  • Is a synonym for dependent variable. 
  • This is the variable that changes as a result of the explanatory variable.
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