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Axis Powers🌐

  • The main Axis powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy.
  • This alliance was formed among dictators with the intention to create new empires for themselves.
  • Principal focus was on land expansion, and the alliance ensured each country a part of the world to dominate.
  • Several states in Europe were pressured into joining by Germany's military including the Eastern European and Balkan states of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Croatia.
  • In Asia, Thailand was pressured by Japan to join.
  • Finland never joined an alliance, but fought individually against the USSR.

Allied Powers🏆

  • The main Allied powers were Britain, France, the U.S.S.R., the U.S., and China.
  • Many members of the United Nations were at the very least loosely affiliated with the Allies.
  • Following Axis threats and invasions, Britain, France, and China entered the war. The United States entered later after Japan attacked, as did the Soviet Union after Hitler's offensive.
  • Germany knocked France out of the war pretty fast, and set up their own puppet government known as Vichy France. 
  • The U.S.S.R. remained distant from the other Allies due to the disagreement over communism and Allied military plans.
  • Italy and Yugoslavia overthrew their Fascist governments and joined the Allies. 
  • Romania and Bulgaria were invaded and turned against Axis powers.
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