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Derivatives are everywhere in Calculus. Really. In nearly every question on the exam, you will have to take the derivative somewhere in the problem. Given that derivatives are such a huge part of the test, it helps to have quite a few of them memorized so you can answer questions more quickly. In this article, I'll simply be listing derivatives you should have memorized for the exam. If you need a refresher course on how to take the derivative, check out this article.

The chart below has the most common derivatives that appear on the exam that you should know. Remember, these are listed in their most basic forms, so be prepared to see them with negative signs and coefficients in front of them and adjust your derivative accordingly. You should also know how to use these derivatives in conjunction with other functions (such as when using the product rule, quotient rule, or chain rule). Finally, you may notice that these functions seem quite familiar. This is because they are all either parent functions or trig functions to have memorized!

For the AP Calculus AB exam, it is not required to have these derivatives memorized, but it will certainly make solving problems where you need to take the derivative of a function a lot faster. Again, you should be able to take the derivatives of these functions with modifications (negative signs and coefficients) and using the product, quotient, or chain rules. If you're familiar with these common derivatives, your year in AP Calculus will be a breeze.

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