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From the start, the American colonies were left to govern for themselves, giving themselves a sense of independence and freedom from the British Empire. 🦅 

Left to their own affairs, the American people became content with their new way of life. However, that all came crashing down following the end of the Seven Years' War. 

The resources used in the American Colonies and the war debts needing to be paid drained the European powers. So, the British were relying on their colonies to help pay back their debts. 

In retrospect, the colonies probably should've been willing to pay, considering the British helped defend them from the French forces. That didn't happen and the past is in the past. ✌️

The new taxes (Stamp Act, Sugar Act, etc.) represented the power exerted over the colonies by the British. Yet, because the colonies had been left alone for so long, they weren't cool with Britain trying to control them. 

The self-governing life of the colonies was abruptly stopped. Rather than following along with this sudden British control, the colonies put the ball in motion for complete independence from the most powerful nation in the world. 🇺🇸

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