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Petrarch Himself 👨

  • Petrarch was a religious scholar who lived during the 14th c., and is the only exception to the 1450-present scope.
  • He was extremely interested in Greek and Roman texts, leading several efforts to recover and publish these writings.
  • Petrarch himself wrote essays on the importance of self-improvement and the search for perfection.
  • He was the first to classify the medieval period as the "Dark Ages," due to its lack of interest in classical texts and philosophy.

Petrarch's Importance to the Renaissanceđź’ˇ

  • Petrarch was the main catalyst for the Renaissance's obsession with classical writing. His interest and rediscovery of them sparked a trend that was a major aspect of the Renaissance.
  • His writings were also influenced the Humanist idea of individualism. Petrarch's ideas of self-improvement were in stark contrast to the group improvements supposedly made by the Church.
  • The characterization of the Middle Ages as the "Dark Ages" gave wealthy people in the Renaissance a sense of importance, which drove them to embrace its new ideas.
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