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SAQ Resources: 

Check out this guide on how to format your actual answers by CEO Amanda!

The Format: 

You must complete three SAQs, each consisting of three parts, in 40 minutes. This means that you should try to spend about four minutes on each part. You will have a choice of two questions for #3.

  1. 🔍 The Interpretation. You are given two secondary sources concerning periods 3-8. The questions will typically be in this form:
    A. State the difference in interpretation in regards to _______ between authors A and B.
    B. Give an event not mentioned to support Author A.
    C. Give an event not mentioned to support Author B.
  2. 📸 The Stimulus-Based: You will be given a primary source pertaining to Periods 3-8. You will then be asked three questions requiring you to draw conclusions from your greater historical knowledge using a comparison or causation structure. 
  3. ❓ The Open Question: This question will not have a stimulus, and will use the skill not used in Question #2. You can choose between two questions pertaining to Periods 1-5 and Periods 6-9.

You can see the guide linked above for how to write the actual answers, but here is the helpful ACE acronym summarized:

Answer the question.

Cite a piece of evidence. Don’t quote the source, except for maybe a term that he or she uses.

Explain how the evidence proves your response.

Best of luck with your studying and your Short Answer Questions! 

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