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Have You Ever Moved? 

  • Well, there’s a 50/50 chance you have ever moved but maybe you know someone who has moved. 
  • So let’s say you know someone has moved. Why did they move in the first place though? Couldn’t it have been better to stay in their original location? 
  • Maybe it was because they found a better job in another area. That factor likely pulled that person to move closer to that area. That new job would be their pull factor.
  • And maybe they had to move for another reason. Maybe they found it too expensive to live in their original location and moving to a new area for a better job would be better for them. That high cost of housing would have been that person’s push factor.
  • As you can see, push and pull factors work together to influence why and where a person moves. Thus, understanding what push and pull factors are will likely help us understand the migration patterns and size of immigrant populations in different countries. 
  • So let’s migrate on over to what a push and pull factor is!

Push Factors😔

  • Basically, a push factor is something that pushes you out of a location. 
  • It’s kind of like when you get placed in a class you hate with a teacher who does not teach and you want out. Why? Because there are way better teachers and classes out there that would be a better worth of your time. 
  • But on a global scale, push factors could be organized into four categories: environmental, social, political and economic. 
  • An environmental push factor could be a famine. The Irish Potato Famine is a good example as that disaster pushed thousands of the Irish to move to other countries to survive. 
  • A social push factor would be religious persecution. The fleeing of the Jewish Germans during World War II would be an example as they fled due to escape the persecution from Nazi Germany. 
  • A political push factor would be political persecution. This can be notably seen when many flee from a newly established dictatorship e.g. Cubans migrating to Miami to escape Fidel Castro's new reign. 
  • An economic push factor would be a crashed economy. An example of this would be the higher migration levels of Venezuelans attempting to flee their country’s failed government-controlled economic system.

Pull Factors

  • Pull factors are things that encourage people to move to a new area.
  • Using the example from ‘Push Factors’, you could be further encouraged to leave that disliked class into another class if it had a better teacher who actually helped students learn. In other words, you could reap better profits from moving than staying.    
  • Also, if you noticed from the above example, pull factors seem to work in joint operations with push factors. 
  • It’s like someone pushing you and someone else pulling you in the same direction. The force being applied to your body would likely move it to another location.
  • Similarly, to push factors, pull factors can also be organized into the same four categories: environmental, social, political and economic.
  • An environmental pull factor would be lower pollution levels. An example can be seen in the urban-to-rural migration where many wealthy families moved in part to escape the rising levels of pollution seen in the inner cities.
  • A social pull factor would be the freedom of religion. The Puritans were an example as they migrated to the North American colonies to be able to freely practice their own religion in the late 1600s and 1700s. 
  • A political pull factor would be the freedom to hold any political belief. A good example would be the migration of Cubans who held opposing political beliefs to communism to Florida as many would’ve been mistreated for their views.  
  • An economic pull factor would be plenty of job opportunities and growth. An example of this would be the inflow of Indian immigrants looking for technical jobs in Silicon Valley. The reason many come to Silicon Valley is that it is one of the biggest epicenters for the technology industry and have plenty of job opportunities for tech-savvy people than their home country has.

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