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We were given the AMSCO books before summer started and were assigned three chapters of reading and notes to have done before school began in the fall. The great procrastinator I am, waited about a week before school started to begin reading, and I spent about 15-20 hours on each chapter. I finished in time but was extremely sleep deprived for the beginning of the year, when my teacher gave us a few great tips for note-taking. ✍️

💡 Create questions based on the headings/subheadings and take your notes by answering the questions. For example, if a subheading under the Revolutionary War section said "The Patriots," you could answer the question of 'who were the patriots?' 

  • This alone already drastically shortens your workload while still allowing you to study the entire chapter. 

💡 If you have a teacher who loves quizzing over key terms or knowing the terms helps you feel more prepared and confident for the course, make Quizlets for the bold terms, either by adding them in as you read, or just going from the list at the end of the chapters.

💡 Don't worry about memorizing dates! 🗓️ It helps to have a timeline of periods/events in relation to others, but you'll never need to know specific dates for the exam. Save yourself the time and hand cramps and don't worry about writing dates more specific than the year itself if it's a 🔑 event. 

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