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After finishing the rough multiple-choice section, it is easy to mentally check out during the SAQs before being able to take your break. However, accounting for 20% of the exam, fully answering these questions is key to getting your five. 🔑🖐️

In order to earn as many of the points as you can, it's crucial to answer them fully. You have to use enough information while still being quick. Time is money on the exam.💰 These quick tips can help you feel more confident and prepared to tackle the SAQs!

🥇 ATFQ- "Answer The *Flipping* Question!"

  • To have as much time to write what they ask for, there's no time to write introductions or conclusions. Just start your first sentence by answering the first part of the question. 
  • There's also no need for transitions; start a new sentence and begin answering the next question. 

🥈 Give enough information to fully get your point across but no more.

  • To score as high as you can on each question, it's crucial to provide reasoning/evidence/etc. Yet, once you've fully answered your question, move on to the next to avoid wasting time adding in more details. 

🥉 Answer the questions you can give the best answers to.

  • You'll be told to answer both the first and second question, but then you can choose between the next two.
  • Don't choose the harder question thinking the College Board graders will appreciate your added effort. Instead, try to answer whichever question you're most confident in. There aren't bonus points for answering a trickier SAQ!

🏅 If you can't answer part of a question, move on to the next part. Then you can try to answer it again if you have time in the end.

  • Even if you have to leave part of a question blank, it's better to move on to the next so you can hopefully spend more time answering a question you're more prepared for.
  • Plus, human brains are crazy! If you move on, you might remember specific details later to help you answer the part that stumped you before!

However daunting the SAQs can seem (especially to someone fairly new to AP exams), these tips will help you stay calm and cool. You'll be able to answer those questions like a pro!

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