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According to the College Board's new AP Lang rubrics, two-thirds of your argument essay score depends on your evidence. Often, students struggle with finding evidence to support their body paragraphs in their argument essay.

Use CHORES to serve as a guide for argument essay evidence.

  • Current Events 📰 - Use what is happening in the daily news cycle & world issues to support your thesis and body points.
  • History 📚 - Think of key events from your history classes that could support your body paragraphs; I often think of events that I learned about in APUSH/AP World.
  • Our Perspective 👀 - Think of events you have personally witnessed in your life or community to prove your argument.
  • Reading 📖  - Use themes or main ideas from nonfiction literature to show that authors corroborate your argument (this shows ethos).
  • Entertainment 🎥 - This is the most often used category of evidence, but it may be ineffective if misused. You could cite recent celebrity news or events that occurred in pop culture to prove your argument.
  • Sports 🏈 - You can also cite recent events that occurred in sports (i.e. corruption) to support your body paragraphs.

You are not limited to just using CHORES for your argument essay needs. In fact, citing evidence that you read in previous synthesis essays or rhetorical analysis prompts also work effectively. 

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