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Finding the author's main argument is daunting, especially with a seven to ten paragraph multiple choice passage. 😖

To effectively determine the thesis of an author's argument, you need to also effectively annotate the entire passage. Many students believe that annotating is simply underlining and circling information. 📝

However, effective annotation means jotting notes and writing down the most important information. Often times, multiple-choice questions will ask for an author's main idea and provide five possible answers. Some options will only include information from the beginning or end, and some are too broad or too specific. To accurately eliminate all the other answer choices, look back to your annotations to find the specific argument the author makes. 🚫

Moreover, certain multiple-choice questions will ask you to find the author's purpose for writing the article. This goes hand-in-hand with finding the author's main idea. By knowing what the author is trying to convey, you can also figure out why they wrote their piece by looking at the ways they convey their main idea (appeals to emotion for persuading and statistics for informing). 💢🔢

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