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AP English Literature and Composition Exam Components 📚

Section 1: Multiple Choice ✍🏽

5⃣5⃣ questions
1⃣ hr
4⃣5⃣% of Score

  • There are 5 sets of passages which have 8-13 questions each.
  • The passages will include excerpts from prose fiction, drama, and poetry. 
  • There will be at least 2 prose fiction passages (this may include drama) and at least 2 poetry passages.

Section 2: Free Response 📝

3⃣ questions
2⃣ hrs
5⃣5⃣% of Score

There will be 3⃣ free response essays you will have to write. 🖊️

  • Poetry analysis: The first question will present a poem and will ask you to respond to a given prompt by writing an analysis guided by a strong thesis.
  • Prose fiction analysis: The second question requires prose (novel style fiction or literary drama) analysis. The passage will be provided and the strength of your answer will rely on your ability to closely read and apply critical strategies to your analysis.
  • Literary argument: This question will present a concept or idea common throughout literature. You will be asked to analyze how the given concept or idea contributes to interpretation of one work of literary fiction.

🌟 But how should I decide what to write about for FRQ three? 🤔

  • It may seem daunting to choose your own work, but don't fret! There will be a list of fiction provided to you to help guide your decision.
  • It is a common misconception that you must stick to the works presented by the list to respond to question number three.
           -You may choose any work, as long as it is of literary merit.

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