🔎 Wondering what to study for Period 8 of APUSH? We've got your back! Here's Fiveable's complete Period 8 study guide. For more help, you can also join Fiveable+ today.

📚 Periods 3-8 will each make up about 10%-17% of your exam score, so this is one of the periods that you should focus more time on while studying. Remember to continue to compare and review prior periods throughout the year to prepare for the final exam. 

🌟 Bonus Study Tip: As you study for an APUSH exam (especially the final one), it is important to focus your time and take breaks! Instead of studying for hours on end, split up your time by studying for 45 minutes, then take a 15 minute break. Repeat this process until you feel confident with the information you need to study. This should help you stay focused, relaxed, and confident going into your exams! You got this and have fun studying history!

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