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The Basics

  1. 55 questions to answer in 55 minutes
  2. No points deducted for incorrect answers, so don't leave any blank!

📝 Tips for Answering Stimulus Based Q's:

  1. Read the question first! Give yourself an idea of what you're looking for before viewing the stimulus and answer choices.
  2. Know your dates! You may be able to easily eliminate an answer choice if you know it is from a different point in time. 
  3. Read the source first! You can most likely get the answer right from the source of the stimulus rather than by spending time reading the entire stimulus.
  4. If the source doesn't give you the answer, skim the material and underline or highlight any information you think is valid to the question. 
  5. Watch out for irrelevant or factually incorrect answers! Eliminate these right away and you should be one, if not two, or three steps closer to your answer. 
  6. Familiarize yourself with General Trends and Big Names! Many questions come from these categories so having a strong foundation of knowledge in regards to these key subjects will be a huge help! 
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