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  • This review goes over the Middle Ages, right before the Renaissance
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Thoughts About Life & Deathđź’€

  • During the Renaissance, people lived longer due to an increase in crop yields and dissipating Black Death presence.
  • Factors like longer lifespans, church corruption, the later Reformation, and the fiscal power of the merchant class led to a new worldview.
  • This philosophy, humanism, emphasized worldliness and individualism.

Increased Contact with Other Cultures⛵

  • The Silk Road was an early means of intercultural communication for Europeans. However, after the 1453 takeover of Constantinople, the new Ottoman Empire limited this journey. 
  • Demand did not change; nobles still wanted East Asian luxury goods (including spices and silk). Indian Ocean trade flourished and Europeans began the search for their own routes to the East. 
  • By 1477, the Portuguese had established outposts in West Africa. Dias became the first European to sail around the continent to India in 1488. Just four years later, Columbus set foot in the Americas.

New Innovationsđź’ˇ

  • The Renaissance drew inspiration from Greek and Roman classical thinkers  as well as Islamic scholarship and translation activities during the Muslim golden age. 
  • Art was drastically changed by the introduction of concepts like perspective and vanishing points. Architecture was impacted by the resurgence of the dome.
  • Science and literature were affected by the development of the printing press, Chinese gunpowder, and nautical inventions like the compass and astrolabe.
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