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Confused about how the Delhi Sultanate ruled? Look no further! 👀

Here is a quick recap of the Delhi Sultanate's government structure:

  1. Sultan - Head of the state and government who had unlimited power.
  2. Wazir - Prime minister (chosen by the sultan).
  3. Other ministers and officers - (chosen by the sultan and acted at his dispense).
  4. Provincial Government - Muqits and Walis were the governors in charge of the different provinces called Iqtas.
  5. Local government - Provinces divided further into Shiqs with Shiqqdars in charge.
  6. Revenue administration - Allowed efficient tax collection (Jizya, Ushr, Kharaj).
  7. Administration of Justice - Enforcers of the law.
  8. Police and army administration.

*The Delhi Sultanate’s army consisted of nomadic Turkic Mamluks who were regarded as slaves* ⚔️

*Sunni Islam was the religion of the state for the empire’s entire duration and Jizya (a religious tax) was placed on non-Muslims* 💰

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