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The Complexity Point ✏️

The Basics:

  • The 7th and final point on the DBQ Rubric 
  • Must be part of the argument- not merely a reference or phrase 
  • Can be earned in a variety of ways 

All of the Ways to Earn the Complexity Point:

  1. Explaining a nuance by analyzing multiple variables (how did your argument effect other regions at the same time, what was happening in other regions at this time & how does that support your argument, etc.) 
  2. Explaining both similarity and difference or both continuity and change or explaining multiple causes, or both cause and effect 
  3. Explaining relevant connections across periods (synthesis, did something like this happen in history at least 300 years before or after? )
  4. Qualify or refute your argument by considering diverse or alternative viewpoints (how would an opposing perspective view your argument and why is yours better?) 

📌 Top Tips:

  1. Point 5 'refute' , point 1  'multiple nuances', and point 4 'synthesis' are the most universal and easy to apply methods of earning the complexity point 
  2. Make a separate paragraph for your complex reasoning 
  3. If doing a refute, make sure to reinforce your original argument
  4. Use a minimum of 2 documents in your complex reasoning 
  5. Use Outside Evidence to strengthen your connections

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