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Throughout your experiences in your English classes, you've probably at some time or another been told to never use the first or second person. That's a crucial rule to follow almost always. However, when writing essays, especially for the exam in May, there is 1️⃣ time when it not only works to use the first person, but it can truly make your essay better, thus scoring higher! 🎉

The argument essay is the one time when it can benefit your paper to write in the first person, especially when either of the following occurs: 

  • You are writing about a personal anecdote that strongly benefits your paper. This could look like a specific experience that gives you extra credibility but much more!
  • The prompt asks you to write to someone or something (a school district administrator for example) about how the topic of the prompt would affect you and your community, by challenging, qualifying, or defending the prompt.

During the exam or practice essays, decide if writing in the first person would benefit your paper because it can really make your argument more convincing!

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