What else is offered from Fiveable during AP Exam season?

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Looking for more help from Fiveable? We've got lots of other free opportunities coming this Spring!

  • Language Clusters. Language clusters are small, student-led groups working on their speaking and oral comprehension skills while learning about language and culture! To start, the offerings are Spanish, Chinese, French, ASL, Japanese and Korean. These groups will meet weekly. You can learn more about Language Clusters here.

  • Fiveable Forums. These live voice events will happen immediately following each cram stream. TAs will moderate these conversations, answer student questions from the stream, gather feedback, review tricky subjects, etc! Think of this as an office hours+ experience. You can join the Forums in our Discord!

  • Pep Talks: Automations and commands set up in Discord for our students to receive words of encouragement (via DM) from community members as they navigate stressful Crams season. If you have not submitted a PepTalk, please do so here!

  • Study Tips: These act similarly to Pep Talks in Discord, except they are study tips that students can receive a DM about, once they type in a certain command into discord. Got any study tips? Subject-specific study tips? Submit here!

  • Crush Capstone Series. We also want to meet the unique needs of the Capstone program! TAs for Research and Seminar will host a series of free streams about strategies for making sure Capstone students can crush the deliverables for both courses. These will take place in the subject voice channels on Discord!
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