Who are the Fiveable TAs?

Updated 6 months ago by Mikki Bruno

We love our TAs here at Fiveable 🤓

Every AP course has 1 TA that has taken and passed the AP exam. They are current high school and college students who have recent experience with the subject and can show you the tips and tricks. They work in the chats answering questions and supporting team projects.

Every TA leads live chat support each week during Crams in their Discord channel to support subgroups of the whole cohort.

Get to know our TAs by checking out this page!

For more information on Crams, check out other articles from our helpdesk here. Interested in purchasing Cram Products? Head to our Cram Shop! 🌶️
Not finding the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email 📨 or join our Student Discord community for additional help. 💭

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