What leadership opportunities are there for students at Fiveable?

Updated 3 months ago by Rachel Berthiaume

Interested in leadership opportunities at Fiveable? The best place to stay up to date on any/all opportunities is by joining our Community Discord.🤩

We believe in our students here at Fiveable and try to provide lots of opportunities for leadership and growth.

Some past opportunities have been:

📚 Student Staff

🗣 Volunteers

🔍 Moderators

💡 ...and more!

Keep an eye out for announcements with upcoming opportunities by following along with our channel #fiveable-opportunities. This will auto-populate for you when you join our Discord.

For more information on our Community & Discord, check out other articles from our helpdesk here.
Not finding the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email 📨 or join our Student Discord community for additional help. 💭

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