I need help logging in for my Cram!

Updated 5 days ago by Mikki Bruno

Purchased a Cram and trying to login?

  • If you've already redeemed your Cram Pass, just head to the Cram Center!
  • Don't see your Cram Pass in the Cram Center? Double check to see if you clicked the redemption link in your confirmation email? See below for where you can find it in your email!
    • Make sure to setup a Fiveable account, you'll only be able to access your Crams with an account!
  • Once you've clicked your redemption link either login with your existing Fiveable account or sign up to get into your Cram Center!
Tip! If you can't find your confirmation email, but you know you bought a Cram, double check that you're using the correct email address. Sometimes, if your parent/guardian bought the pass for you, they may have accidentally used their email address. Try both to see if you can find it!

Didn't purchase a Cram yet?

  • If you haven't made a purchase yet, head to shop.fiveable.me to find what you're looking for and get started!

Password not working?

For more information on Crams, check out other articles from our helpdesk here. Interested in purchasing Cram Products? Head to our Cram Shop! 🌶️
Not finding the answer you're looking for? Shoot us an email 📨 or join our Student Discord community for additional help. 💭

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