What's the difference between a Cram Pass and Fiveable Courses?

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Cram Sessions are live, 60 minute video sessions where a teacher hosts a review before an AP exam. Throughout the school year, there are numerous Cram Sessions leading up to the date of AP exams. Each week, teachers will cover part of the course so that by the time the full Cram series is complete, you'll have reviewed everything you need to know for the exam! In the final weeks before the exams, the amount of Cram Sessions increases and will also include a five hour Cram Session (known as the Cram Finale) the night before the exam.

As of Fall 2020, we are no longer offering the 15 week Fiveable course. However, we'll continue hosting free live events including lectures, office hours, AMAs, and more all within our new app. It won't be organized quite like a course, but the support and community will still be there.

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