What are the Community Guidelines?

Updated 1 month ago by Alicia Miranda

The rules below are general guidelines; this isn't an exhaustive list. If you are unsure about anything, please reach out via mod mail. Keep in mind, our moderation team reserves the right to modify and enforce the rules on a case-by-case basis. 🤝🏽

1. Keep it clean.

No profanity and no NSFW or violent content.

2. Be respectful.

No derogatory, disrespectful, or hateful speech towards individuals or groups will be tolerated.

3. Maintain integrity.

Don’t share protected or copyrighted materials. Secure content from the College Board, like AP Classroom questions and other unreleased content, is not allowed. Don’t ask for work to be completed for you—especially on homework and tests.

4. Contribute productively.

Don’t spam channels and don’t purposely trigger the bot. Use channels for their intended purposes—read the descriptions and pins in a channel, and if you’re unsure about what it’s for, ask!

5. Use proper voice channel etiquette.

Don’t make loud, unwarranted, or obnoxious noises. Only unmute when it is appropriate to do so.

6. No advertising paid services.

Advertising unsolicited paid services like tutoring is not allowed. This includes advertisement via DMs.

7. Use common sense.

This list of rules is not exhaustive. Moderators reserve the right to remove content or users that are harmful in ways not specifically listed above.

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