How can studying with music be helpful?

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Reduce your stress and ease anxiety 😌

  • A lot of research has found that music is calming to the brain and can help everyone destress!
  • Calming or familiar music can be helpful when you’re studying as it helps you feel more at ease. The positive associations you have with music can help counter stress when studying.

Improve your ability to focus☕️

  • If you are working and have music playing, it can be easier to ignore distractions, such as a TV on in the background.
  • Music has also been found to make it easier for people to pay attention and for the brain to process new information. (Super important when studying💡)

Have a better study session if you’re tired 😴

  • The stimulation music provides to the brain can help you feel more engaged and present if you need to have a late-night study session.

Enjoy a built-in stop-watch ⏱

  • Different songs or playlists can be used as a timer or stopwatch to help mark the passage of time when you are studying. This is super helpful when trying to set goals related to how long you’re studying or working!
  • It may be easier for some people to take a break that is 2-3 songs long versus taking a break that is 5-10 minutes 🎶
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