How to use the live notes feature in a Fiveable Room

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Collaborate with others by using the live notes feature in Fiveable Rooms.

What is the notes feature?

Participants in a session can work together to complete activities and school assignments using the notes feature. This feature is located the right of the tasks tab. You can toggle back and forth between your tasks and your notes. ✏️

How can I use the notes feature?

In order to use this feature, you must create a Fiveable account if you haven't done so already. Then, toggle from the tasks tab to the notes tab. Keep in mind when typing in the notes section, that everyone in the session can see what you are typing if they are also on the notes tab. Participants can also delete what you write; as this feature is built to allow students to collaborate with one another. The name and profile picture of others who are also on the notes tab are visible. 👤

How can I customize my text?

You can change the size of the text from small, normal, large huge. In order to further change the appearance of the text, you must select it with your mouse. You can then bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, and hyperlink the selected text. You can also change the text and background color. Additional options to create lists are also available: number and bullet. 📝

Still not sure how to use the live notes feature? Check out this quick video:

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