How to use the timer feature in a Fiveable Room

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Not sure how to use the timer feature in a Fiveable room? Not to worry, we have you all taken care of.

When creating or joining a study room the timer feature is located near the top right corner of your screen. Most Discover Rooms follow the Pomodoro Method format in which students study for x amount of time and break for x amount of time. If you do not want to use the group timer, identify the toggle between the timer options: group and personal.

Whether you choose to use the group or personal timer option, the steps on how to set the duration of the timer are the same.

  1. Locate the dropdown menu in the timer section of your study room.
  2. Select from a variety of durations or choose “custom” to create your own duration.
  3. Click the green clock button located to the right of your selected duration. This will begin the timer.
Want to silence timer notifications? To the right of the word Timer locate the bell icon. Click the bell to silence notifications.

Still not sure how to use the timer feature? Check out this quick video:

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