How to use the video feature in a Fiveable Room

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The video feature is available to use in any Fiveable Room. To join a video call you must create a free Fiveable account. For first time Fiveable video users you must allow your browser to access camera and microphone.

💻 Chrome

Non First-Time Video Users
  1. Go to chrome://settings then select Privacy and Security from the sidebar on the left.
  2. Then, select Site Settings. For non first-time video users, should appear under recent activity and allows camera and microphone access. Fiveable has access to your device's camera and microphone if it appears under recent activity.
First-Time Video Users
  1. For first-time video users, enter or create a Fiveable Room. Then, press Start call. Chrome will then ask to access your device's camera and microphone. Press Allow and your video should turn on and you have the ability to mute and unmute.
You only need to grant Chrome access to your camera and microphone for once. If the video feature is not working after granting access, please head to Fiveable's Feedback Portal.

💻 Other Browsers

  1. Steps for allowing Fiveable to access your device's camera and microphone are similar on all browsers. As long as you allow your device permission, you should be able to use the video feature.
For more information on Fiveable Room Features, check out other articles from our helpdesk here.
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