What are the best ways to host a Study Room?

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Hosting Fiveable study rooms is simple and so much fun! Not only can you host a study room for you and your friends, but you can also host a room for students around the world. 🌎

Fiveable’s Discover Rooms are unique study sessions created by students, for students. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Just simply fill out this form to create your own discover room. 📚

Looking for some ideas on how to host?

  • Once you’ve created a room, share your unique invite link with your friends and peers so you can all complete tasks together and keep one another accountable. 🗣
  • Create a subject specific discover room to create a space where other students taking the same or similar class can join. ✏️
  • Share your room link in the #study-sessions channel on Fiveable’s Discord Server to invite other students to your room. 👾
  • Create a room that is not necessarily for studying! We all need a break from studying every once and a while. Message back and forth with others in the chat and make new friends. ✨
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