How do I remove someone from a Fiveable Room?

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📋 Criteria for Removing a User

As a virtual study platform dedicated to creating a safe space for everyone to work together, Fiveable does not tolerate any of the following behaviors on its platform:

  • insulting, hateful, or threatening remarks
  • discrimination based on age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or other personal characteristics
  • bullying or harassment
  • unwelcome sexual advances, and sexually explicit content
You must be the host of the session (aka crown 👑 next to your name) in order to remove a user from the session! If you're not the host, click here to read more about reporting a user.

If you or anyone in the session witnesses this behavior, please let the host 👑 know. If you are the host 👑, it is your responsibility to kick out any users violating the Code of Conduct in order to make sure that Fiveable remains a safe, diverse, and productive platform.

🥾 Removing a User from your room

1️⃣ Click on the "x" on the right side of their name.

2️⃣ Confirm by clicking the red "Kick Participant" button on the pop-up.

For more information on our Study Rooms, check out other articles from our helpdesk here.
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