What do I need to know to host a safe public session?

Updated 1 month ago by Alicia Miranda

🤝🏿 Before the Session even begins!

Make sure to review the Code of Conduct before hosting your first public session. As the host, you are expected to compile with the expectations outlined on the Code of Conduct, as well as hold the attendees in your room to the same standard.

❌ During the Session

As the host, you are responsible for moderating the chat, making sure users are compiling with the Code of Conduct guidelines. If they are not, please remove them from the session for the safety of the other Hours users.

Refer to our How to: Remove a User from a Study Room article to remove users who are violating the Code of Conduct.

If you would like other students to join your session you can post the link on the discover page, though if the link is shared any student can partake in the session.

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