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Interested in learning more about Hours by Fiveable? Check out some FAQs below or head to hours.zone for more information!

🎵 Spotify/YouTube/custom music addition?

We definitely want to add something for Spotify/YouTube for music in Hours at some point. It’s a bit tough because of copyright laws and different TOS agreements, but we’ll be looking into adding something like this in the coming months.

Transfer tasks from one session to another?

So we don’t have this feature available because we always want to encourage our users to finish their tasks in the current session instead of moving it to the next. We don’t want to promote procrastination in any way, so that’s why we don’t have a feature like this.

Subtasks, task labelling, task timers, and individual timers

On our mind, and will be added in the coming months!

👤 Session waiting room, kicking out participants

Will be added hopefully soon! There are a lot of components to both of these features, and they’re things that we don’t necessarily have time for now.

➡️ Resizeable widgets/sections

Definitely on our mind. It’s a bit tough on the technical side, but we’ll continue to be looking into how we can add something to make sessions more customizable.

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